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Lumberjack Demolition Co. is locally owned and operated. We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide a wide range of demolition services in the Upland, CA area and all surrounding cities.

About Us

About Us

Lumberjack Demolition Co is a licensed and insured, family-owned demolition service based in Upland, California. Established in 2023, Lumberjack Demolition offers ultra-competitive pricing and quick, efficient, and reliable service. Our owner-operator Forrest is an experienced and licensed contractor who believes that having strong integrity is the cornerstone of any construction-based business. Forrest’s journey toward becoming a licensed demolition contractor began with the success of his junk-removal company Lumberjack Hauling. 

Forrest takes great pride in his work no matter the size or difficulty of the job. That’s why our company motto is “a job worth doing is worth doing well!”. You can trust Lumberjack Demolition Co. with any of your demolition-related needs. Our team of experienced demolition experts can tackle anything from quick, small-scale jobs to large-scale long-term projects. No job is too big or too small for Lumberjack Demolition! Give us a call today to learn more about our company and how we operate or to schedule a free in-person no obligations estimate for your demolition project.






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Lumberjack Demolition Co. is the best option for top-quality demolition services in Upland, CA. With decades of experience we take great pride in our company to provide reliable and effective demolition solutions that are reliable and efficient for commercial, residential or industrial buildings. Our team of specialists employs the most advanced technology equipment that ensures safe as well as precise demolishment complying with all safety regulations. Whether it’s a small-scale demolition or a large-scale project, Lumberjack Demolition Co. is dedicated to achieving the highest standards and providing the most outstanding customer service satisfaction. If you select us, you’ll be able to relax being assured that you will have your demolition needs met in Upland CA.


Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is yes, demolition is risky because of using heavy equipment and the potential exposure to hazardous substances. It is therefore recommended to work with experienced professionals like Lumberjack Demolition Co. to ensure safety and conformity.

Demolition services may be used on different types of structures, like commercial buildings, houses, factories, bridges, as well as smaller structures such garages and sheds

The timeframe of demolition varies according to the complexity and size that the construction. Smaller structures can take just several hours or days, whereas larger ones could take months or weeks.

In most instances, permits are required prior to starting any demolition work. Lumberjack Demolition Co. will help you obtain the necessary permits to ensure that you are in compliance with local laws.

Immediately after demolition, debris is meticulously removed to be sorted, then transported to the appropriate facilities for recycling or disposal in a sustainable manner whenever feasible. Our company prioritizes sustainable waste management.

Our Efficient process

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Project Assessment and Planning

The first step of the process for our demolition services in San Dimas, CA is to complete a thorough assessment of the project.

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Safety Preparations and Permitting

Before beginning any demolition work the safety of our workers is our utmost priority. We make sure our team has all the safety gear and required permits.

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Precise Demolition Execution

With the safety measures in place and necessary approvals secured, our skilled demolition crew begins the actual demolition process.

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Debris Management and Site Clearance

Once the project is completed, we focus on efficient debris removal and site clearance.


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